Order Process

Our process for building your custom board.


Step 1

Decide what board you would like built.

You can place an order through our online Custom Board Builder, call us direct at 604-902-3335, or email steve@stingerfoils.com

Step 2

Design Consultation.

Once we receive your order, we will contact you and discuss what we are going to build with you for you.

Step 3

Added into Production Schedule.

Once your 50% deposit has been received, your order is added into our production schedule.
Typical lead time is 3 to 4 weeks before we can start your board,
then another three weeks once we’ve cut your board on the CNC till we’ve finish your board.

Step 4

Blank Cutting.

Your design is loaded into our CNC machine for cutting and rough shaping.

Step 5

Final Shaping, Foil Box Assembly.

After your board comes off the CNC machine, we do final hand shaping,
the foil box gets laminated in and the blank gets a seal coat.

Step 6

Foil Box Reinforcement

A carbon patch is added over the foil box for torsional strength and reinforcement.

Step 7

Foil Box Pillars.

We drill the top deck and add in pillar supports for the foil box, strengthing the deck tying it to the foil box.

Step 8


Layers of fibreglass and carbon fibre are added to your board, per your specificiations.

Step 9

Final Hot Coat

Final hot coat of resin is applied to your board, prepping it for final sand and buffing.

Step 10


Your board is packaged up for shipping and released.
Taxes and any import fees, if applicable, for USA customers when shipping outside of Canada, are paid by the buyer, we cover the documentation fees with Customs.