Wake Surf Foil 4’6″ ABS

Stinger Wake Surf Foil 4'6" ABS board package.

Wake Surf Foil 4’6″ ABS

This is our most durable, light weight Wake Surf Foil Board in our line. It’s a carving & pumping machine that’ll you’ll never outgrow in ability. It is built with an outer ABS skin wrapped around an EPS foam core and vacuum molded together in our custom form.

Manufactured in our partner factory, the WSF-4’6″ ABS is a leading-edge design, perfected in house and inspired by our team riders. The WSF-4’6″ ABS is new for 2023, suited for any level of rider weighing up to 180lbs.

It has our duckbill nose and a “Pin” tailed design tail with a double concave to reduce the drag giving you quicker lift. The kick tail helps you get back up on foil when you touch down, it’s also a must for pumping or tow-in foiling. It comes with foot strap provisions.



Quick Points

4'6"x19.5”x2” | 24 lt
Comes with Travel Bag
ABS Construction
Foot Strap Provisions

Works very well with …
Devil-Ray Foil Al


ABS Vacuum Molded Construction

  1. 2pc grip-lite Stinger EVA Deck Pad
  2. Paint
  3. ABS
  4. 6oz S-Glass
  5. 1.5lb v2 EPS Foam Core
  6. Foil Box insert
  7. 6oz 3K Carbon - Foil Mount reinforcement
  8. 6oz S-Glass
  9. ABS
  10. Paint


  1. ABS molded board
  2. Full deckpad
  3. Goretex vent valve
  4. Foil Box
  5. Release Tail

Package Includes

Deluxe Travel Bag