Sting-Ray II Foil Carbon 1370

Introducing the Stinger Sting-Ray Ai 1370m² Foil, engineered for the boldest adventurers and the most fearless thrill-seekers. Designed to dominate the open waters, this powerhouse of a foil combines cutting-edge technology with unmatched performance, delivering an experience like no other.

High Aspect Design: The Stinger sets the bar high with its revolutionary high aspect design. Built for riders over 180+ or those conquering downwind foiling, this foil boasts an expansive 1370m² wing surface that maximizes lift and efficiency. Say goodbye to drag and hello to effortless gliding as you soar across the water with unparalleled ease.

Aggressive Turn Abilities: With a wider wingspan and aggressive turn abilities, the Stinger empowers you to push the boundaries of your foiling experience. Whether you’re carving through choppy waves or navigating tight turns, the foil delivers unparalleled stability and control, ensuring every maneuver is executed with precision.

Incredible Glide- prepare to be swept away by the Stinger’s incredible glide. Engineered with Ai for maximum efficiency, this foil effortlessly cuts through the water with minimal resistance, allowing you to maintain speed and momentum like never before. Whether you’re cruising along the coastline or chasing the wind on a downwind run, the Stinger promises a ride that’s as smooth as it is exhilarating.


  • Tailored Performance: Designed for riders over 180+ or those tackling downwind foiling, the Stinger 1370m² Foil offers tailored performance that’s second to none. Experience unmatched lift, stability, and efficiency as you conquer the water with confidence and precision.
  • Enhanced Stability: With its wider wingspan and aggressive turn abilities, the Stinger provides enhanced stability and control in even the most challenging conditions. Say goodbye to wobbles and instability and hello to a smoother, more responsive ride.
  • Effortless Gliding: Glide effortlessly across the water’s surface and revel in the sensation of pure freedom. The Stinger’s high aspect design and incredible glide ensure you’ll spend less time fighting against the elements and more time enjoying the ride.
  • Versatile Performance: Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to take your skills to the next level, the Stinger 1370m² Foil offers versatile performance that adapts to your needs. From leisurely cruises to high-speed thrills, this foil does it all with style and precision.

Experience the thrill of foiling like never before with the Stinger 1370m² Foil. Dominate the open waters, conquer the wind, and embark on an adventure that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

Stinger Mj40 Ai Carbon Masts – 750cm & 850cm

Light & Stiff is what we set out for with our Masts, and thats why we have them produced with Mj40 carbon. High aspect foils mean high loads on the mast, so we spent some serious time developing & testing, the results speak for themselves. Try our Stinger Mj40, it’s next level power & strength.

Whether winging at speed, laying deep carves on a wave face or pumping and linking up swells on a downwinder the Mj40 is the mast choice.

During our foil testing, our riders said that higher aspect ratios and broader foil spans applied more bending and twisting forces to the mast. So although our new foils were a game-changers with out aluminum masts, we knew there another level we wanted to take our foils too.

Opting for a one-piece design, we avoided the drag and joining issues associated with the two-part of our aluminum mast & base construction.

Through Ai generated testing we saw the the maximum load was concentrated close to the baseplate so the mast tapers thicker at this point to handle the loads.

This then prompted a revised fuselage connection design. We created the maximum size of the connection with a slight taper attachment resulting in the perfect fit to the fuselage reducing any chance of unwanted movement.

The result is a positive feel that provides incredible feedback & control of our Sting-Ray II front wings.

Take your foiling to the next level.


14” & 15” HA G10 Rear Wings

With the development of our the much faster-running Sting-Ray II front wings, we spent last fall and this winter experimenting with reduced chord rear stabilizers to maximize this newfound speed advantage. The result are 2 incredible rear wings made of G10, that we call our “HA” high aspect / high performance rear wings.

We reduced the cord to 55mm for the 15” & 45mm for the 14”, we found remarkable gains in speed, control, balance and feel.

They are very low drag and free up speed, turning and make our Sting-Ray II front wings glide & pump better than we ever imagined.

Heavier riders and those less experienced we recommend the HA 15” x 55mm, those who are lighter and or more experience might prefer the HA 14”x 45mm rear wing.
Our HA’s exude confidence by providing a more comfortable ride at speed, they reduce the normal buildup of front foot pressure that can be associated with high-speed foiling and Down Winding.

They are a perfect match with our Sting-Ray II high aspect front wings, and come with a padded cover with a velcro closure in black with white trim stitching & Stinger branding, for safer setup, transportation and storage.

Aspect Ratio: HA 15” = 8.17 / HA 14” = 9.69


Recommended for intermediate and above Foilers.

Deluxe travel bag included.



Quick Points

Wing: Sting-ray II - 1370cm2
Rear Stabilizer: RHA15”
Mast & Base: Stinger Profile –M40J Carbon
Fuselage: Stinger Profile - Blue AL6160


Package Includes

Deluxe Travel Bag

M8x30 Hardware