Custom HP Wing / Prone Foil Board

Looking to get a board that fits your riding style bit better? With our in-house CNC machine, we can design, shape and glass you a custom board.

*Please allow for a +/- 2L difference in volume based on your selections below to ensure that the board shape is a fair design.



Board Walk Around



  1. Diamond pattern deck pad
  2. Paint
  3. 6oz S-glass
  4. 3k Carbon - 3/4 length stand/kneel zone
  5. 3k Carbon - full length
  6. 1.8lb EPS recycled foam
  7. High Density Foam Foil Box
  8. 3k Carbon - full length
  9. 6oz S-glass
  10. 3k Carbon - foil patch


  1. Full Carbon Fibre Deck
  2. 2 Piece Deck Pad
  3. 3k Standing Zone
  4. Kick Tail on Deck Pad
  5. Leash Plug
  6. GoreTex Vent Valve
  7. Slight Spoon Bottom
  8. 3k carbon full bottom & 3K carbon overlay with 90mm Foil Mount
  9. Full 3k Carbon Vacuum Bag Construction

Package Includes

Dual coil leash