Stinger Custom Diamond Tail Board

Wake Surf Diamond

Looking to get a board that fits your riding style bit better? With our in-house CNC machine, we can design, shape and glass you a custom board.




Epoxy construction

  1. 2pc grip-lite Stinger EVA Deck Pad
  2. Matte Finish Coat
  3. 6oz S-Glass standing zone patches
  4. 6oz E-Glass
  5. 6oz S-Glass
  6. 1.5lb v2 EPS Foam Core
  7. 6oz S-Glass
  8. 6oz E-Glass - Futures Fin Box Reinforcement
  9. Matt Finish Coat


  1. 2 PC Deckpad
  2. Standing zone patches
  3. 2x GL fin attachments

Package Includes

Deluxe Travel Board Bag