5’8″ Wing Foil Board 93L

The 5’8” Wing Foil Board is a dedicated design by Steve Legge that will get you going as efficiently as possible no mater the conditions. Also included is a deluxe travel bag with pockets to hold your foil for easy travel.

At 4.25” thick with our “duck bill” nose, makes this Wing Foil board very stable platform to start out and not out grow.

Designed for the rider looking for a board to Wing Foil with a volume of 88 litres.
The flat deck with 3k carbon standing zone delivers a solid feel for powerful turns and allows you to kneel when starting out. The chinned rails and aggressive kick tail maximizes the release and increases flight time. The progressive rocker is ideal for those touch down so you can skim back up or get going as easily as possible to carve a turn.
Handles on the deck and on the bottom of the board makes the board easier to manage.
Multiple foot strap inserts for all rider styles. Foot straps are available at a very reasonable price.

Standard 90mm Foil Mount with our Pro 3K Carbon and Glass “Foil Mount” construction is by far the most detailed in the Foil Board industry, it not only adds strength, it gives more feel and control.
You’ll find the 5’8” a great Foil Board for those just starting out or heavier riders wanting a lower volume Wing Foil board.

Enjoy your next flight.!

Original price was: $1,249.Current price is: $995.


Quick Points

5’8” x 28” x 4.25” | 93 lt
Comes With Travel Bag
Up to 165lbs or Intermediate to Advanced rider



Epoxy construction

  1. 2 piece grip-lite EVA pad
  2. Paint
  3. 6oz cloth
  4. 3K carbon strips
  5. 3K carbon standing zone
  6. 6oz cloth
  7. 18kg EPS foam core
  8. Foil Box High Density Foam
  9. Foil Box
  10. 6oz cloth
  11. 3K carbon overlay for Foil mount boxes
  12. 3K carbon strips
  13. 6oz cloth


  1. GoPro mount provision on nose
  2. Goretex Vent Valve
  3. White Anegra (Weave) Cloth
  4. 2 piece grip-lite EVA pad
  5. Foot Strap provisions
  6. Carry Handles, (top & bottom)
  7. 3K carbon standing zone
  8. G5 Fin box
  9. 3K carbon overlay with 90mm Foil Mount

Package Includes

8’ Leash

Shaped Board Bag