Wake Surf 4’8″ Diamond

Wake Surf 4’8″ Diamond

Our newest shape created by our team riders. The Diamond tail is designed with a fast rocker and hard rails. The corners of the diamond tail deliver more pivotal and sharp turning characteristics. The wider tail shape creates more push down the wave for increased ollie power. A single concave to flat tail section makes the Diamond tail a fan favourite to spin 360’s or ollies.
A fun playful shape for any level of rider.



Quick Points

4’8” x 21” x 1.25” | 13.9 lt
Comes With Travel Bag
Up to 180lbs



Epoxy construction

  1. 2pc grip-lite Stinger EVA Deck Pad
  2. Matte Finish Coat
  3. 6oz S-Glass standing zone patches
  4. 6oz E-Glass
  5. 6oz S-Glass
  6. 1.5lb v2 EPS Foam Core
  7. 6oz S-Glass
  8. 6oz E-Glass - Futures Fin Box Reinforcement
  9. Matt Finish Coat


  1. 2 PC Deckpad
  2. Standing zone patches
  3. 2x GL fin attachments

Package Includes

Deluxe Travel Board Bag