Wake Surf 4’6″ Rockette

Wake Surf 4’6″ Rockette

The objective with our female team was for the shape of the 4’6” Rockette to be exactly that, a fast & agile epoxy Wake Surf board for any level of rider. Shaped with a low rocker line going from a single concave nose area with moderately square rails to a channeled tail with sharp rails allowing the water to flush out the back.
A true speed machine for any level rider.



Quick Points

4’6” x 20.75” x 1.25” | 12.33 lt
Comes With Travel Bag
Up to 180lbs



Epoxy construction

  1. 2pc grip-lite Stinger EVA Deck Pad
  2. Matte Finish Coat
  3. 6oz S-Glass standing zone patches
  4. 6oz E-Glass
  5. 6oz S-Glass
  6. 1.5lb v2 EPS Foam Core
  7. 6oz S-Glass
  8. 6oz E-Glass - Futures Fin Box Reinforcement
  9. Matte Finish Coat


  1. 2 PC Deckpad
  2. Standing zone patches
  3. 2x GL fin attachments
  4. Channel

Package Includes

Deluxe Travel Board Bag