Stinger Custom Wind Foil Board

Custom Wing Foil Board

Looking to get a board designed that fits your riding style bit better? With our in-house CNC machine, we can design, shape and glass you a custom wing foil board.


*Please allow for a +/- 2L difference in volume based on your selections below to ensure that the board shape is a fair design.




Epoxy construction

  1. 2 piece grip-lite EVA pad
  2. Paint
  3. 6oz Fibreglass
  4. 3K carbon
  5. 3K carbon standing zone
  6. 18kg EPS foam core
  7. Foil Box High Density Foam
  8. Foil Box
  9. 3K carbon overlay for Foil mount boxes
  10. 3k carbon
  11. 6oz cloth


  1. GoPro mount provision on nose
  2. Goretex Vent Valve
  3. Full 3k Carbon Cloth + 3k Standing Zone
  4. 2 Piece DeckPad
  5. Foot Strap provisions
  6. Foot Strap provisions
  7. Carry Handle
  8. 3k carbon full bottom & 3K carbon overlay with 90mm Foil Mount

Package Includes

Deluxe Travel Bag